Panteres Grogues is Born


Through an initiative of Rudi, a German guy who was part of an inclusive club in his country, a group of LGTBI+ people started to play beach volleyball in the Barceloneta. 

Creation of the club


Years later from those initial meetings to play beach volleyball, Panteres Grogues was established as a non-profit LGTBI+ sport club with the purpose of offering activities free of discrimination and bring light to the community in the sport arena. 

1st Edition of PANTERESPORTS


El torneo First Edition of Panteresports! The multi-sport tournament LGTBI+ of Panteres Grogues is born to bring visibility of the community at an international level.
Every year, during the first week of September, Panteresports offers activities to LGTBI+ athletes from all over Europe.

Creation of Women’s Basketball


A group of women members create Women’s Basketball with the purpose of bringing visibility to the woman athlete and reclaim equality in and out of the court. 

Second Theatre Company


Panteres Grogues creates the Second Theatre Company. Every season the theatre company rehearses and premieres plays with the purpose of giving visibility to the LGTBI+ community at different cultural venues of the city. 




PPanteres Grogues organizes the first EUROGAMES, Europe’s most important LGTIBI+ multi-sport tournament that every four years gathers LGTBI+ athletes from all over the world.

The first games gathered over 5,000 athletes from up to forty nationalities and visibly marked a before and after of the all-inclusive sport in Barcelona.

The First DONASPORT Games


The first Donasport Games! The women’s multi-sport tournament of Panteres Grogues is born to support equality and bring visibility to the woman athlete.

Every year during the weekends of March, April, and May, Donasport offers non-competitive sport and recreational activities open to all women members and non-members of the club. 

YOGA Fifth Anniversary


Yoga celebrates 5 years. Since 2007, in addition to teams and sport groups, Panteres Grogues offers a series of wellness activities. 

Rowing Federation


Panteres Grogues Rowing becomes a federated sport. Today the club is federated in the Federación Catalana of Rowing, Cycling, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, and in the Federación de Entitades Excursiones (Hiking) de Cataluña. 

rem - remo en Panteres Grogues, club esportiu deportivo LGTBIQ+

Pride BCN with the LGTBI+ Sport


Pride BCN dedicates their event to the fight against the LGTBI phobia in sports.  Panteres Grogues partners to organize talks, debates, and activities to highlight the need to work in the normalization of LGTBI+ people in the sport arena, whether at amateur or at professional level. 

premis correr per compromís


Sincro Kids, a group of young trans members created by the artistic swimming group of Panteres Grogues, becomes one of the winners of the fifth edition of “Premis Correr per Compromis” a competition that awards projects that are highlighted by their social, solidarity and/or cooperation character. 



Panteres Grogues celebrates their 25th anniversary with a fun weekend full of sports, wellness and cultural activities en Platja d´Aro.

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The ruling body that governs the club is the general assembly. Decisions taken by each general assembly are binding to all members. Likewise, the organization is managed by the board of directors, a group of people elected every 4 years.

The bylaws of the club are registered in the Registre d´Entitats Esportives de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

Panteres Grogues is organized in a decentralized manner based on individual or team initiatives of the club members. Each sport, cultural. and wellness section was created and developed thanks to the volunteer work of the coordinating team. 

Do you want to start an activity in the club? Contact us and we’ll explain how to do it!

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Sport federations:

Federación Catalana de Ciclismo. (Cycling)

Federación Catalana de Natación. (Swimming)

Federación Catalana de Tenis. (Tennis)

Federación Catalana de Remo. (Rowing)

Federación Catalana de Voleybol. (Volleyball)

Federació d’Entitats Excursionistes de Catalunya. (Hiking)

LGTBI+ organizations:

Pride Barcelona.

Agrupación Deportiva Ibérica.

Plataforma LGTBI de Catalunya.

Consejo Municipal d’Esport de Barcelona.

Consejo Municipal LGTBI de Catalunya.

At an international level the club is a member of:

EGLSF (European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation).


board of directors
Floridablanca Street, 143. Barcelona.

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