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Through the initiative of volunteers, the Panteres Grogues mountain section conducts various non-competitive activities related to mountain sports: hiking, mountain ski and snowshoes, vias ferratas, canyoning, mountain climbing. The outings are mostly held (but not exclusively) on weekend and holidays.

The mountain section organizes outings open to everybody and all levels, as such, you do not need much experience to participate. However the outings depend on the organizing volunteers, and at times the outing levels may vary and may not be for all. As more members organize outings, the greater the variety of available activities.  

Mountain does not have a fee, only a Panteres Grogues membership and accidental or federated insurance are required. 

In addition, the section meets twice a year to have an overview of the past outings, to speak of members proposals and to detect needs. 

The goal is to enjoy the mountain with other people and to create an open, safe and free of discrimination space where everyone can feel included.

All activities of the section are regulated through our internal regulations. Participation in our proposals entails reading and accepting it.

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