artistic swimming

Artistic swimming section with children’s and adult groups for all levels. 

The groups does their trainings at the Bernat Picornell Pools in Montjuïc. The classes aims to encourage minors and adults of any gender to learn and improve in artistic swimming and make visible the plural participation and without stigmas of a sport that has traditionally been linked to the female sphere.


Initiation Group (without notions or less than 2 years of experience).

Tuesda from 20.30h. to 22.00h. and

Monday or Wednesday (choosing one) from 20.30h. to 22.00h.

Coach: Berta de Roda

Fee: 70€/month + Anual member fee

Progressive Group (between 2 and 5 years of experience).

Monday and Wednesday from 20.30 h to 22.00 h.

Coach:: Mireia Sánchez

Fee: 60€/month + Anual member fee

Advanced Group (over 5 years experience).

Tuesday and Thursday from 20.20h to 22.00h.

Coach: Mireia Sánchez

Fee: 60€/month + Anual member fee

Sincro Kids Group (ages 5 to 18)

Tuesday and Thursday from 17.45h. to 19.15h.

Coach: Mireia Sánchez

Fee: 55€/month + Anual member fee

Daily training consists of:

A brief heating of force and stretching (30 minutes) in the pool platypus where a dry survey of choreographing is done.

Once in the pool, a brief warm-up is carried out with swimming series and training with the learning of a synchronized technique and the rehearsal of the choreography that is worked on to present in the different competitions and recreational events in which the section participates.

Contact the section to reserve your free trial date and/or to get more information. 

Floridablanca Street, 143. Barcelona.

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