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The Theatre section Urpes T was created in 2007. Since that year, every season the company conducts classes, interpretation workshops and prepares a play that premiers at the end of June or beginnings of July in a Barcelona theatre. 

During the months of October to December the theatre group works on improvs, practices, acting training, etc. From January the director proposes a play that is rehearsed for 6 months before its premiere. 

In addition to the weekly gatherings, during the months of April and May two intensive weekend rehearsals take place in a hostel near Barcelona with a cost between 30 € and 40 € per participant.

Since it is a group activity, we ask for a full commitment during the play rehearsal months with the goal of not affecting the rest of the group. 

Over the years the company Urpes T of Panteres Grogues has performed the following plays: Desconectados,  … y fueron furias,  La vida se un cuento, Lo sientes, Romeo y…, Perdidos sin Lorca y Rainbow – historias del coro.

All the plays have either a character and a plot related to the LGTBI+ theme, or the play is an adaptation where the central plot is LGTBI+ themed. 

The rehearsals are performed on Mondays 18.30 h – 20.00 h at the Centro Cívico Vil·la Urània.

Contact the section to reserve your free trial date and/or to get more information.

Floridablanca Street, 143. Barcelona.

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