actuación de la sección de salsa de panteres grogues en la fiesa de inaguración del torneo panteresport 2023

Salsa section open to people who want to develop their artistic and expressive potential in a fun atmosphere. The section has four professional teachers and five sessions a week, four dedicated to salsa and one to bachata. Additionally, once a month we hold a bachata workshop. You can check the times and locations below. 


In the classes, a preliminary warm-up is carried out with simple steps; later, a figure is learned or reviewed. On Mondays and Tuesdays (advanced and intermediate level) the session ends with a Cuban wheel (rueda). In general, couples share the roles of leader or follower. 


At the end of the session, the group discusses the class by having a drink in a bar with friends. 


Contact the section to book your test day or request more information. 

Carrer Floridablanca, 143. Barcelona.

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