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Panteres Grogues mixed-gender rowing seccion is open to all levels: begginers, social and competitive rowers.

Our training sessions take place at the BISC, in the Port del Fòrum -form there, we set off row in the sea. BISC facilities are free for all rowing club members to use:

– Gym

– Sauna

– Changing rooms

– Free parking.

types of rowing

Training sessions are either coached or organizad by team members.

Two types of rowing are offered:

CATALAN LLAGUT: 8 rowers and a coxwain.

MOBILE BENCH: 4 rowers and a coxwain.  


Tranning sessions are 60 minutes long. 


Tuesday to friday:

Various sessions between 5  – 9 pm

– Catalan llagut rowing;

– Mobile bench rowing;

– Gym training sessio


Saturday and sunday

Various sessions between 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

– Catalan llagut rowing;

– Mobile bench rowing;

– Begginers training

(Schedukles and availability of coaches may vary trhougout the season, depending on the demand for training and the organizational capacity of team members). 


The monthly fee is €55 and includes: 

– Coaching training

– Training organized by team members (depending on boat availability)

– BISC facilities are available every day of the week

*In addition, there is a one-time annual payment of €30 to the Catalan Rowing Federation plus the Panteres Grogues membership fee. 

competitons and regattas

In addition to regular training, members also poarticipate in regular competitions in Mediterranean llaüt, Catlan llagut, mobile bench rowing and recreational events. 

Contact the section to reserve your trial day or request mor information.

rem - remo en Panteres Grogues, club esportiu deportivo LGTBIQ+
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