Since January 1st 2015, it went into effect the new regulation* that applies to all members of Panteres Grogues which establishes that all Sport Club activities must be insured. 

This means that since January 1st 2015:

  • Panteres Grogues must offer its member a compulsory accidental and medical insurance. 
  • To participate in any activity all members must have insurance 
  • Only federated-license members that practice their federated sports in Panteres Grogues are exempted from the compulsory insurance.

The fees of the current season can be found on this page and includes compensation and medical assistance during the sporting activities at a national level and throughout the sports season, including participating in national tournaments organized by the club.

How to get the insurance?

The insurance is contracted at the same time of becoming a member of the club. 

Payment of the membership fee and insurance:

Payment of the membership fee and insurance will be collected at the time of registration in cash or credit card for new registration and automatically debited for existing members. 

Who are exempted from getting insurance?

  • All those members who have one or more current federated licenses in the specified  sports that they practice in Panteres Grogues.
  • Sky Outings organized by the Sky section are exempted from the accident insurance. The participants have the obligation to get insurance offered by the ski resort. 
  • Members who participate in hiking outings categorized higher than Level B or High-Mountain. These members must have the federated license for outings of superior level. 

If I already have a federated license in a given sport and I participate in other activities, do I need to get insurance?

If you are federated, for example in swimming, and you want to practice another sport or activity, you have the option to get a federated license for the additional sport or you get the accidental insurance. To do so, contact the club administration.

Civil Liability Insurance: All members of the club must pay 1€ per sport season for Civil Liability Insurance following the LLei de l’Esport TITOL 3, Article 62.3.

If you have any doubts, get in contact with

*Law: The Legislative Royal Decree 1/2000 General Law of Sport establishes that all activities carried out by Sport Clubs are subject to compulsory insurance and in its article 62.4 we are required as a Sport Club that all of our members are to be federated (have a federated license) and to have coverage of compensation and medical assistance insurance.  

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