The Swing section takes place on Tuesdays from 8pm to 9pm (Solo Jazz – individual dance) from 9pm to 10pm (Lindy Hop – couple dance) in Sala 2 at 2estones – Multiespai de creació, in Gràcia.

Swing dances are a series of non-ruled African American styles, based on improvisation and fun. There are many disciplines, but the most popular are the two that are danced in the section: Solo Jazz and Lindy Hop.

Solo Jazz (individual dance).

Solo Jazz includes all the individual Swing dance, with a rooted and relaxed movement, which plays with a mixture of structure and improvisation that allows oneself to learn how to move the body from a technical perspective, while developing the ability to dance and freely create by following the music.

Lindy Hop (couple dance).

Lindy Hop is a type of Swing danced by couples, based on body communication between leader and follower – in guiding and being guided -, which allows oneself to improvise and invent new combinations at every moment.

It’s all about having a good time, rather than being perfect! From any ‘mistake’ one can always come up with a ‘variation’! Everyone dances according to the expression of their bodies; it is a matter of good vibes, rhythm and flow!

The section’s fee is 29 €/month to join for one dance (Solo Jazz or Lindy Hop) and 39 €/month to join for both (Solo Jazz and Lindy Hop).

Do not hesitate to contact the section to book a free trial session or for any information request.

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