1. Find the activity that you want to join in the ACTIVITIES corner of the website.

Choose the activity in which you want to join and look up the schedule, place, fee* and email contact. 

2. Write a message to the activity’s email address. 

Send an email to the activity that you want to join (you can find their email in the corner of each activity). Request a free trial. The coordinators will contact you to schedule a trial date. 

3. Register with Panteres Grogues.

Once you have completed your trial date, you can come to the office to register with Panteres Grogues. We will bill you the annual membership fee and the accidental insurance. At that moment, you can participate in the activity or activities that you wish. 

*The activity fees will vary in regards to the features of each activity: coaches, facilities, materials, etc. The method of payment may vary based on each activity in which you sign up. 

*The first annual fee is collected at the moment that you become a member, (cash or credit cad). The annual fee of Panteres Grogues covers the sports season (From September 1st to August 31st). In the event, that you cannot continue as a Panteres Grogues member you should notify us at administracio@panteresgrogues.org with your info (Name and Last Name, NIF/NIE or passport number) before 15 August. 

*The annual fee gives you the right to participate in as many activities as you wish, keep in mind that if you participate in one or more activities, you must pay each activity fee separately. Remember Panteres Grogues is a non-profit, the annual fee is earmarked to the club´s infrastructure maintenance, and the activity fee covers the costs of trainers, facilities, material, etc.

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